The Audiophile Club of Athens

When does passion become an obsession?  A intimate look at a club of  old boys with very expensive toys gives some insights into the fine line between a hobby and an obsession with perfection in the listening experience. 20'  full movie that has nearly half a million YouTube hits!  But watch it here in better quality.

The Doctors' Revolution

Featuring an exclusive 2006 interview with Fidel Castro, this film explores the Cuban health system and how the US embargo on supplies has affected it.  27 min

University City Savages (trailer)

Shot over 5 years in China, this feature documentary reveals how developers and government officials have abused farmers and grabbed their land.  In the face of a totalitarian regime the courage of the farmers fighting against their oppression gives some hope for the future. 3'  clip

The Rhodes Trust 110th Tribute 2013

A generous donation to the Rhodes Trust from John McCall MacBain was the inspiration to produce a tribute for their 110th anniversary.  Rhodes Scholars from around the world will benefit tremendously from this donation.  

kAY dEE The Fire (music promo)

Filmed in and around SE London, kAY dEE's impassioned rap has relevance to  our current social environment and what we can do about it. 4'20"

WOMAD 2012 'A Moving Sound'

Experience the amazing world music sounds of Taiwanese group, Sheng Dong, 'A Moving Sound'. Filmed at WOMAD 2012, this concert was one of the hits of the BBC Radio 3 Tent. 

Itchy Teeth Back in the Day (music promo view by request)

Four, talented young lads with a retro pop sound are moving up in Rock and Roll! Watch out for Itchy Teeth!! (and don't forget to floss)  3'       front to back: Xav, Charlie, Ollie and Olli